What Is the Benefit of SSD Technology?

What is SSD?

SSD (Solid State Drive) is a device for storing data and hard drive from a new generation. The technology of SSD is based on flash memory. This differs SSD disks from standard HDD hard drives with exclusive features.

The most important of them are instant access to data, astounding number of simultaneous operations per second and superior performance.

Due to these characteristics, SSD drives are suitable for applications that perform multiple operations per second, such as the MySQL database.

SSD technology can accelerate the loading of any website that uses a database.

To enable CooliceHost.com's customers to take advantage of this SSD accelerator, MySQL databases of all websites, with plan SSD Web Hosting plans (European SSD Web Hosting and US / CA Web Hosting), are located and work on professional server SSD drives.

SSD drives, which are integrated on servers of CooliceHost.com, are of the highest technological level and are carefully selected among the best professional server SSD devices. These server SSD drives differ from ordinary consumer drives that they are even faster and their technology is focused on delivering astounding performance.

How does MySQL database of SSD work?

When a website is accessed in a web browser to load a web page visited, the site application will connect to the database and will request and obtain the necessary information. The site application communicates with the database by sending SQL queries/requests. The answer to these SQL queries is information that a web browser will display on the web page.

Web sites most often send multiple number of queries to the database to get information for a web page in modern content management system (CMS).

The faster MySQL server process the SQL queries and faster return information to the application, the faster it will load the web page.

When databases are on the SSD drive, MySQL server can accept, process and return response of more concurrent SQL queries to the database. This is due to ability of the SSD technology to process information quickly and to perform tens of thousands of (~ 20, 000) input-output operations per second. Compared with ordinary HDD Hard Drive, the number of these operations per second rarely exceeds ~ 100 IOPS (Inputs/Outputs Per Second).

What is the benefit of SSD technology?

Faster processing of data and the large number of simultaneous operations of SSD accelerate the loading of websites.

Capacity of SSD is reflected in less load on the server and reduced consumption of CPU resources.

Faster loading web site enhances user experience, reduces the opportunity costs and enhances the trust of the site.

The speed of loading site is one of the surest signs that Google takes into account when positioning the site in its results. The better loading speed – the better ranking of the site and the better chance for a better position.

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