.htaccess (come from hypertext and access) is a configuration file, used by the web server Apache. This is a text file that could be created with a text editor. .htaccess file has a recursive action, i.e. it applies to the directory, where it is located and for all its sub-directories. .htaccess file must begin with the sign “point”.

The main functions of .htaccess file are:

• Allow/Forbid opening of a page for specific IP addresses;
•  Allow/Forbid displaying of a list of files in a directory and allow changing of the appearance;
• Allow access to a directory, only after entering a valid username and password (use additional file storage of passwords);
• Can set redirection to another URL address;
• Can set rules for rewriting the URL addresses (mod_rewrite);
• Can allow/forbid access to certain files;
• Can change the index file of the directory;
•  Can change the error messages of Apache (404, 500, 401, 403) and others.

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