Different Backup File Types in cPanel

There are different types of backup files. Here, you will find some of them in order to recognize and determine their contents.

1) Full cPanel Backup

It’s a full backup file, which containsthe home directory with its addon domains and subdomains, databases, email forwarders and filters.

2) Home Directory Backup

It’s like full cPanel backup, but containsfiles in your home directory, which you own and other files, which you do not own, but have access to them.

3) MySQL Backup

It is the format of a MySQL backup file, which contains only the data of a single database.

4) Email Forwarders Backup

It is the format of an Email Forwarders backup file, which contains all forwarders, which you have created in cPanel.

5) Email Filters Backup

It is the format of an Email Filters backup file, which contains account-level and user-level filters, thatyou have created in cPanel.

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