Some Tips How to Choose a Suitable Password

Your hosting account contains important information and gives access to sites managing, mailboxes, databases and more. This means that you must carefully befit when choosing a new password to avoid unpleasant consequences in case of unauthorized access by third parties as a result of guessing your password. Here are some quick tips for choosing a suitable password:

1. Do not use consecutive numbers or letters.

Example: 123456, abcdef and others.

2. Do not use your personal name, last name, phone number, ID, nickname, and any other information that is or could become publicly available, due to which the password could be cracked by detractors.

3. Do not use common combinations.

Example: 13,579, asdasd, 1q2w3e4r, qwertyuiop, admin, password, administrator, etc.

4. When choosing a password, you can replace some of the characters in the selected word in accordance with the password pattern letters = numbers.

Example: I = 1, L = 1, A = 4, T = 7, E = 3, g = 9, v = 0, and so Under this scheme, for example the word 'hosting' can be written as 'Hos71n9'.

5. Use combination of numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters. Long passwords (over 7 or 8 characters) give greater security of your account.

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