PHP Configuration Plugin

Sometimes there are problems with PHP Packages that your server handles. In this case it’s necessary to modify server’s configuration. The most common problem is related to updates of newer versions.

Update PHP Version for a Site

On Shared and Reseller servers, it’s very easy to update PHP version for the site. Just follow these steps:

1. Log in cPanel.

2. In the Advanced section, click on the PHP Configuration icon.

3. Go to the directory where you will update the PHP version.

4. Select from the drop-down menu  a specific version of PHP or one of the following options:

No custom PHP Handler (Sys Default) – through it, you will process the .php file extension using the server default.

Note: it’s not always the latest version of PHP. Please look at at the top of the plugin page to see the version.

PHP Cur – through it, you will automatically process the .php file extension with the latest PHP version.

Note: if you use PHP version, that is no longer available, it’s possible to have problems when PHP Cur automatically update newer versions.

5. Select Update.

Another very important thing that you should know is that PHP Configuration plugin’s updates are recursive. In this way one update of the directory is applied to all sub-directories. As a result if you want to use different PHP version for an Addon domain, it’s necessary to go to the domain’s root and select it.

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