How to Migrate Your WordPress Database

How to Migrate Your WordPress Database

In this article we will migrate a from HostABC to InMotion Hosting.

Please note that we will update the domain's name-servers and point them over InMotion Hosting after the migration.

    How to export a Backup from the WordPress Database

Most hosts provide phpMyAdmin as a hosting standard for managing MySQL database. We will describe in the following steps how to use it in order to download a backup from the WordPress Database.

    1. At your previous host, access phpMyAdmin.

    2. Then, choose from the left menu WordPress database.

    3. You will find the "export" tab at the top right. Click it.

    4. The default settings are situated under "export, highlight all the tables and select "SQL".

    5. Look under "options" to see if "add DROP TABLE/ VIEW/ PROCEDURE/ FUNCTION" is marked.

    6. Check if "Save as File" towards the bottom of the page is selected, too.

    7. Finally, click Go and download the backup file.

    How to create a new MySQL Database

To be able to import the database you just exported from your previous host, you will first need to create a blank database.

    1. Go to your cPanel account and log with InMotion Hosting.

    2. From the databases select the "MySQL Database Wizard".

    3. First, enter and remember a name for your new databse.

    4. Second, write a database username and password. It’s recommended to note them somewhere for future reference.

    5. In Step 3 of the Wizard, chose "ALL PRIVILEGES" and click "Next Step".

    How to import the created backup

    1. Go to your cPanel account and log with InMotion Hosting.

    2. Select the "PHPMyAdmin" icon.

    3. Find and choose the newly created database.

    4. From the top horizontal menu select “Import”.

    5. Click the "Browse" button and add the database backup file which you have created earlier.

    6. Click "Go".

The steps for migrating of WordPress database are already done. The next step will be migrating of the WordPress application files.

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