Some questions about our VPS Hybrid plans

1) What kind of space / storage VPS Hybrid plans have? HDD space, SSD?

Currently we offer hybrid hosting with ssd and hdd space. Also it depend on server is flash cached or ssd cached  We had hybrid plans with SSD.

2) Is the server configurated properly, in VPS Hybrid plans, also Nginx/Varnish/LitesSpeed?

Yes they are accelerated with some caching technology Varnish or LiteSpeed

3) Is VPS Hybrid plans FULLY MANAGED, can I and my clients have peace of mind about security and attacks, like "boots" bringing server down and such?

Hybrid Plans are hosting plan with higher CPU/RAM allowance than standard hosting one as 60% of customers which upgrade to VPS actually just need more resources. In case you need pure VPS we can offer our Secure VPS plan - it is a bit costly but when you make list of expenses.

4) Another concern i have is about 24/7 support, since i'll be hosting e-commerce shops and i need to know i can count on you when things goes "south".

We have 24/7 support in place. Fast response all the time.

5) I'm from Portugal - Europe, and the traffic will mostly be local. Witch Datacenter Geo Location will best serve my needs?

We can get you France location with Pt geolocated IP on Secure VPS and before any deal is made we will try to present you close to real test environment so you and your customer can test how it fit your/their needs

6) Does VPSH plans comes with WHM and root access?

We do not provide root access to a server we manage... how ever we can offer reseller WHM access (or reseller Plesk) which will give close to root experience without that destructive capability
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