Drupal - Installation via Softaculous

Drupal installation with all Linux hosting plans can be done very easily - by using Softaculous. Softaculous is an additional module to the control panel cPane and DirectAdminl, which is maintained under all accounts using Linux hosting.

To install Drupal you need to log in the control panel (cPanel) with your username and password.

Select menu "Softaculous":

Drupal - Installation via Softaculous

Then select the "Portals/CMS" -> "Drupal"

Drupal - Installation via Softaculous

Click on the right button "Installation".
Drupal - Installation via Softaculous

You will see the following menu:

Drupal - Installation via Softaculous

Software settings

1. Select the desired version of the Drupal system – 6.30 or 7.26.

2. Choose whether you want the main site’s address to be your domain written with or without www.

- Only if you have purchased and installed an SSL certificate for the domain it is recommended to use options https: // or https: // www.

3. Select which domain you want to be installed for Drupal.

4. Select the directory where you wish to do the installation. If you want to install the system in the root directory of your hosting account you need to leave this field empty.

5. Enter datebase name or leave the name that is automatically generated.

6. CRON Job – this option is available only for Drupal version 7.26. It will be necessary to activate a cron task or can leave automatically defined settings.

Site Settings

Enter the site name.

Database Settings

Prefix of the tables in the database. It can leave automatically generated value or can change.

Admin Account

1. Enter Admin Username.

2. Set a password for the system administrator. It will be necessary to have access for the administration panel of Drupal. We advice you to use a strong password: Some tips when choosing a suitable password

3. Enter the administrator’s email address. It is important the email address to be valid, because it will be needed if you forget the password.

Advanced Options

If the option "Auto Upgrade" is available, you can activate the setting to automatically update of the Drupal system.

Click the button Installation to begin the installation.

The installation can take up to several minutes. After successful completion you will receive the message "Congratulations, software successfully installed."

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