What Is the Difference between Domains vs. Hosting vs. Website?

Let’s look at the process that happens when somebody goes to the web browser and enters your domain name. The automatic process turns the domain into server’s IP address and then the current user will see the content of the selected web page.

In this article, we will look at the basic 3 elements, which one site has, namely:

1) Domain names
2) Web-Hosting Servers
3) Site files

1) Domain Names

To connect each other computers use IP addresses. They look like phone numbers. In computer world the phone book is called “domain name”. Receiving an IP address /numbers/ from the domain addresses is done by DNS /Domain Name System/.

In other words, if you don’t have a domain, you should inform your site visitors that the site is located on temporary url as 123.556.982.145/~your_site. It’s easy and practical to tell domain name as www.sitename.com. Now, surely you will go to select domain name for your site.

2) Web-Hosting Servers

If you have a flat that don’t use, maybe you will rent it. The web hosting servers are similar to your flat free space. They allow everyone to make website accessible via the World Wide Web and put their files on it. And it’s easy to furnish this space by install of different framework applications such as QuickInstall.

3) Site Files

No matter if your website files have extensions as .php files or .htmls files (and in them the IT specialists are included files as .jpg, .png, .mp3, etc.), the web-hosting servers know how to read them. As a result visitors see your web page and these files give instructions to the server to do a series of calculations (such as understanding what blog article to send back to the viewer, etc.).

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