Benefits To Joining the CooliceHost Affiliate Program

1. Industry-leading commissions.

When you are in the CooliceHost affiliate program, you are paid a 10% bounty per single referral and it is your lifetime paying client. Not only that, but also there is no cap on the commissions you are paid. Another thing to take into account is that when you are driving more and more referrals through the program, your commission tier will be constantly rising. Also there is an industry-leading 60-day cookie, which means that you will benefit of the traffic you generate for up to three months. If you want to join the program, you won’t have to worry about any requirements in terms of commitments or obligations.

2. Strategic growth.

This program also offers unique methods that will be in assistance for you in increasing your websites visibility, driving more sales, as well as, helping you grow. Webinars, linking to WordPress, and content developed by CooliceHost is not only going to save you money, but also money and unnecessary headaches.

3. Powerful tracking.

The affiliate dashboard you are provided with can give you a really detailed view of your sales, commissions, trials, and clicks. If you want you can also track your performance, take a look at your earnings, and if you wish you can get paid at the same exact time every month.

4. A dedicated account manager.

You will be granted access to an affiliate expert who is fully aware of your business and more importantly your goals. Another good thing is that we will be working with your team and our conversion rate experts in order for you to get the most out of the program in the face of earnings per click and commissions. Our support is available for you through email and cellphone, we also offer quarterly affiliate contests, as well as, the latest updates of our products.

5. Promotion made easy.

Our banners, content, and pre-made text links are easily reachable via your dashboard. Advertise us on your website by inserting our affiliate links on its webpages.

Join The CooliceHost Affiliate Program

If your auditorium is looking to; migrate their client ecommerce platform to new hosting, launch an online business for someone, or is just attracted in content connected to ecommerce and fast hosting solutions, you would miss a lot if you don’t apply for the CooliceHost affiliate program (or our Reseller Program). We are going to have an in depth look of your website or application. Then if you are approved, you will get your own affiliate link, and not only that, but also you will be granted access to tracking, support, payments, and also reporting. Our team has set itself a goal to make our affiliate marketers successful!

Executive Summary

Affiliate marketing is an awesome way increase your income via a performance-oriented revenue options. Affiliate marketer with enough motivation can reach an enviable level of passive income while located in his own home. Everything without the need of creating their own service or product.

If not as a primary job, you can always utilize your marketing skills and take up affiliate marketing as a kind of second job. Some extra income is always welcome, isn’t it? Affiliate marketing using blogs, webinar software, reviews, social media, and any other platform is a way of low-cost high-reward marketing if done right. If you follow the steps and advice above, you are guaranteed to gather and engage your auditorium which will later fill your bank account one click after another.

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