Managed Hosting and Services with Technical Administration

One of the most crucial criteria for business continuity and excellent service availability is quality specialized technical support for any technology infrastructure. There are two forms of technical support for Cloud Services and Cloud Hosting in any market segment: Client-side Support (Managed services) and Infrastructure-side Support. Gain more knowledge about them by having a close look at the article below.

Technical support on CooliceHost Cloud hosting services

Infrastructure-side technical support (also known as "Server-side" technical support) is the process of managing the basic infrastructure needed to provide Cloud and Web Hosting services to our customers. It comprises the management of all software installations and IT services that operate at the infrastructure level. Infrastructure-side support includes: 

  • The CooliceHost Cloud Computing system (a group of servers and a storage area network) on which our users' apps, servers, and websites reside;
  • The physical dedicated servers that our clients utilize;
  •  CooliceHost own equipment used to provide supplemental IT services to our customers;
  • All network devices.

Infrastructure Environment Support

Proxmox technology is the tool we used to build the CooliceHost Cloud Computing Infrastructure (a group of virtualized servers). We provide the most advanced enterprise-grade Cloud computing solutions you can find. These include native High Availability for each cloud computing instance (Cloud-based computer or server) and Automated Fault-Tolerance, which is how we ensure that our clients' Cloud infrastructure has 100 percent uptime and business continuity.

All of CooliceHost's Cloud and Web Hosting services include Infrastructure-side Support. The CooliceHost team manages all IT services that our customers are not able to access. These encompass infrastructure operating systems and virtualization technologies. Changes to the root domain, blocking/unblocking connections from specific IP addresses, adding PHP extensions, and so on are all part of the Hosting service class. CooliceHost performs initial OS installation in the service class "Cloud Servers" unless we supply the customer with a standardized uniform procedure for installing their desired Operating system on their own.

Our clients have access to their machine resources (of the ordered hosting accounts) when it comes to managed hosting services. We refer to these services as "Self-Managed." That means that when the customers have no Management Service on their accounts, they are accountable for installing the any apps, CMSs, scripts on the empty hosting account we provide, as well as we also take care of the managing and administering the servers and installed programs. Users must manage their computing instances utilizing the uptime and data transfer monitoring interface offered by CooliceHost or any third-party software program when using Self Managed Cloud Servers. Our customers are accountable for monitoring data transfer and take care of their apps and data in their accounts. However, the monitoring and analytics tools offered by CooliceHost are the only well-founded measuring tools for bandwidth and data transfer. When applicable, CooliceHost installs the actual Cloud Servers with an Operating system and provides access to the server's personal account to the user with specific parameters. Our clients' equipment is entirely under their control while using the service. CooliceHost only supplies with hosting account (well-optimized and full of application to work with), Internet access, and already build network and server configurations.

Managed Services and Client-side Management

All account-specific settings, configurations, and software programs that run on your web hosting profiles, cloud, reseller and shared servers, and collocated equipment are known as the "Customers' Technology Environment." Unless our clients have either signed up for any Managed Service plan or bought an adhockor, CooliceHost makes no commitment to commission any work on your account and "Customers' Technology Environment."

Resellers, VDS, Cloud, and Web Hosting plans all come with management services. It is addable to the subscription package on any product's Order Page or via the Client's Account at CooliceHost/Accounts/.

We will be happy to receive any questions you have regarding the Managed services, as well as anything related to them. We will answer you in the most accurate way possible. Our team wishes you success!

Why you will get when buying one of our managed hosting services?

  • Our Best Web Hosting and Cloud Service Practices
  • Fault-Tolerant Data Storage
  • We make sure your data is safe no matter what, so we host it on a Storage Area Network, which has built-in protection.
  • High Availability (HA) Cloud Servers
  • One of the reasons we differ from around 95 percent of the providers you can find is because we offer HA. It brings the IT services outage to their minimum.
  • Failover Computing and 100 Percent Uptime
  • Our 100% uptime, Failover Cloud Servers guarantee you that there will be no downtime while also providing business continuity.
  • Web Hosting and Servers on Demand
  • It doesn’t matter where in the world you are located. We offer Web hosting, Cloud, and Dedicated computing servers that are accessible from anywhere.

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