How Can You Check Your Mail after You Have Created an Email Account?

Once you have signed in your email account, you can send and check the received emails either by e-mail client, installed on your computer (or a mobile device), or by webmail client.

1. Check the mail by e-mail client

To see your mail via email client, you need to have the program, installed on your computer. Popular e-mail client programs are MS Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird and others. MS Outlook is a product of Microsoft Corporation and it is part of the MS Office package. Mozilla Thunderbird e open source e-mail client program and it could be download and used entirely free of any applicant. Although it is free and have open code Mozilla Thunderbird is a very convenient and reliable e-mail client with good security and protection of your mail and in no way inferior to its paid alternatives.

2. Check the mail by webmail

The other option, which is available to all users of hosting services of the company, is checking the mail via webmail. Webmail is the alternative to e-mail client programs. Unlike e-mail client programs through webmail it is not possible to monitor multiple email accounts simultaneously. Webmail could be used in cases where the user wants to check his mail from a computer that is not installed or configured e-mail client and which could be used once for check (e.g. in an internet club). Thus, the user saves the installation and configuration of e-mail client.

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