CooliceHost servers: Answers of Frequently Asked Questions

1) What's the minimum term of the contract?

By signing up for any of the services or products, which we provide, you agree to be bound by all our Terms and Conditions. But you should know that the minimum period of our contract is fixed and it’s only one month.

We also have 30-day money back guarantee (“the Guarantee”), which applies to all contract types (even if they are only for a month). There is only one condition – you should send your request for cancellation pursuant to the Guarantee and it must be received within 5 business days of the initial order being placed. Each customer can only use the Guarantee for any account he is not happy with. We reserve the right to change, amend or withdraw the Guarantee in accordance with our Policy.

2) What's the difference between Nginx and Varnish hosting?

We have specialised in cPanel Accelerated hosting. In other words we offer all acceleration plugins for cPanel and LiteSpeed.

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What is a Varnish Cache Server?

2.1. Nginx handles static content very effectively and if you use cache plugin (or your site has been built by caching with Drupal or PrestaShop), then pages’ loading is faster. So Nginx may cache contents received from other servers and it is often used to increase performance for serving static files while proxying application requests to other processes.

2.2. Varnish handles content-heavy dynamic pages and sometimes there are conflicts, but it’s been designed as an HTTP accelerator and it works good with all major scrips. Other feature of Varnish is its short term cache – only 15 sec by default. That makes it very useful for pages, which are popular like social sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) or online newspapers (The New York Times, The Guardian and so on).

2.3. We also have cPanel + LiteSpeed Enterprise Webserver. It is kind of fast and more precise Apache alternative. This server has been built in cache just like Varnish for some sites.
3) How many users share a server and where is the server physically located?

Our servers are physical located in 5 different centers in France, but don’t worry, because we have German geo located IP's - with our SSD plans.  

We have 11 hosting servers and the highest loaded server has about 60. Our competition has around 30 and it depends on the count of the bought resources. We have just tried to offer good quality and to achieve satisfaction and trust of our customers.

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