VPS Hybrid Plans

Fully Managed Hybrid Server Hosting
Instant Setup - No waiting! & huge range of features.

Based on Cloud Linux, LiteSpeed Enterprise Webserver, LSCache & cPanel
High Reource Alloance Web Hosting

Our Virtualized Environment plans are competitive to the similar sized Virtual Private Servers

CooliceHost VPS Hybrid (Semi Dedicated) Hosting Plans are based on Cloud Linux kernel-level technology, which isolates each customer into his own lightweight virtualized environment. This type of setup allow us to asign resources such as CPU Cores & RAM to a hosting plan in a way that is done to a VPS.

We can provide you with a service similar to the configurated VPSs abilities. You can take advantage of fully supported HTTP/2 protocol, switch between seven different versions of Hardened PHP (PHP 4.4, PHP 5.1, PHP 5.2, PHP 5.3, PHP 5.4, PHP 5.5, PHP 5.6 and PHP 7.0). Turn on or off over 90 PHP extensions in the hosting control panel, manage Mod_Securty Web Application Firewall (WAF) and many more...

Our hybrid hosting plans give you the opportunity to benefit from an ultra fast LiteSpeed Webserver + Private Cache Architecture, cPanel, Softaculous installer, without extra charging. And remember: You don't need to know how to configure or administrate virtual server, as it's all included in the price.


Affordable hosting plan for your fast-growing business

  • Virtual CoresLVE vCPU @ 2.00 Ghz
  • Physical Memory1 GB DDR4
  • Virtual Memory1 GB
  • SSD Storage8 GB
  • Entry Processes150
  • BandwidthUnmetered
  • Domains HostedUnlimited
  • Control PanelcPanel


Experience the ultimate speed and manageability

Cloud Linux - LSV VPSh 2G
  • Virtual CoresLVE vCPU @ 3.00 Ghz
  • Physical Memory2 GB DDR4
  • Virtual Memory2 GB
  • SSD Storage16 GB
  • Entry Processes300
  • BandwidthUnmetered
  • Domains HostedUnlimited
  • Control PanelcPanel


High performance and great flexibility for large websites

Cloud Linux - LSV VPSh 4GB
  • Virtual CoresLVE vCPU @ 6.00 Ghz
  • Physical Memory4 GB DDR4
  • Virtual Memory 4 GB
  • SSD Storage24 GB
  • Entry Processes600
  • BandwidthUnmetered
  • Domains HostedUnlimited
  • Control PanelcPanel


For high traffic websites and large corporations

Cloud Linux - LSV VPSh 8GB
  • Virtual CoresLVE vCPU @ 8.00 Ghz
  • Physical Memory8 GB DDR4
  • Virtual Memory8 GB
  • SSD Storage32 GB
  • Entry Processes800
  • BandwidthUnmetered
  • Domains HostedUnlimited
  • Control PanelcPanel

Datacenter & Network

We are client-oriented, flexible and reliable - as a leader in VPS Hybrid Hosting should be.

  • Redundant
    Power Supply
  • Redundant
    Fibere Paths
  • Enterprise
    Storage Solutions
  • Cisco 100%DDOS Protection
    Networking Gear
  • Premium
    Bandwidth Carriers
  • Tier 3 Certified
Features VPS Hybrid VPS
Managed Services
Extra €50+/mo
Managed Uptime
Managed Backups
Proactive Security
24/7 Monitoring
Accelerated Web Cache
Extra Charge
DDoS Protection
HP Dedicated Server

Enterprise Hardware

Our servers are equipped with Intel® Skylake v5 CPUs, DDR4 Memory, Samsung SSDs, with H+4 hardware replacement guarantee.


Servers for VPS Hybrid Plans are located at Tier III certified by Uptime Institute data center in Paris, France and have 1 Gbps Internet connection.


Coolice has started to manage cPanel servers with a Red Hat 3 AS (Advanced Server) back in September 2005.

Fair Share Resource Usage

We offer you plans with significant resources on the unmanaged VPS's price. Despite our flexible service there are some limitations:

TOS > 6.3 Customer may not use the services provided by us in a way that our technical infrastructure or the data / performance of other customers will be affected.


Backups are done daily with cPremote. Files are stored on disaster recovery backup servers, located 700km away in Germany.

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