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New Jersey, Newar
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Geo IP Locations

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Our ultra-fast servers are located in high-class data centers on 2 continents in 9 countries and therefore we can assure maximum connectivity, physical security and redundant power for the hosted websites

Server Availability and Connectivity

High availability & connectivity

CooliceHost works with some of the best data centers worldwide and that’s why our customers benefit from a high-performance web hosting services on an environment-friendly infrastructure. The connectivity is uninterrupted and guaranteed due to the capacities: 10Gb+ and 40Gb+ connectivity on one of the main networks.

All electricity outages are prevented by UPS devices with a minimum of 2500 kVA each and generators with an initial autonomy of 48 hrs. Your websites will have speedy loadtimes, high availability and top performance at any time. We upgrade and renew regularly our equipment in order to keep the processes stable and ongoing.

A Variety of Secure Locations

You have the opportunity to choose the data center location which meets best your application server needs. Some of CooliceHost’s most trustful partners are Hetzner, OVH and Online.Net with their top locations in Paris (France), London (UK), Falkenstein (Germany), Helsenki (Finland), Montreal (Canada) and Beauharnois (USA).

The physical access to all data centers is restricted by security badge control system, video surveillance and security personnel 24/7 on-site. The rooms have effective smoke detection systems and technicians are available 24/7/356. All data centers have implemented a global end-to-end management concept and have a unique know-how in terms of high availability, security and energy efficiency.

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Flexible & Scalable Data Centers

The scalability and the adaptability of the data centers allow your company to scale rapidly and just in time to meet your customers’ expectations. As a highly professional hosting service provider, we understand the importance of business development and we are strongly dedicated to present solutions that correspond to our clients’ needs on every next level.

The data centers scalability, that we offer you, is the the highest ability known and it's presented in computer or data center itself to keep working well when it is improved and changed in volume and size.

Top Standards & Certifications

How do we choose our data centers? We find as most important the already established and implemented working standards. All the data centers we work with are ISO 27001 certified, as it is the internationally recognized standard for information security. Therefore, we stay sure to offer a service with an appropriate information security management system (ISMS).

This certificate confirms that the company upholds strict information security procedures, including confidentiality and integrity of its customers’ data. In addition, more safeguards have been implemented, in order to assure that only authenticated users will have access to the IT systems.

Paris Data Center
Online Net Data Center

Eco-friendly Hosting

CooliceHost is a green-focused company working with data centers, that are renewable energy users. We are proud to have as our partners committed companies which use renewable sources and have TÜV certified providers which generate green energy from 100 percent carbon dioxide-free and environmentally-friendly hydropower.

For years, the data centers, that we have chosen, have been focused on decision-making based on energy efficiency. Power usage of hardware and network components has been determined by in-house measurement and used as the fundamental criteria in the selection of components.