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LiteSpeed Unleash your web site and go 10 times faster. High performance and wonderful results for your hosting.

What Is LiteSpeed Web Server And Why You Need It?

LiteSpeed Web Server is a great solution, through which you get high scalability and high performance. It can easily and quickly replace the bottleneck in your existing web server, because it's completely Apache interchangeable. This software is used by many administrators along with the control panels of the web server (such as cPanel). LiteSpeed is available for Mac OS X, Solaris, FreeBSD and of course Linux. The software provider launches releases regularly, so your site will be using its full capacity every single moment. According to W3Techs (World Wide Web Technology Surveys), 2% of all web sites use LiteSpeed Web Server, ranking it on fourth place among the most popular web servers.

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Why LiteSpeed?

It has been proved that LiteSpeed Web Server has incredible performance in terms of both scalability and raw speed. The test showed that it is 10 times faster than Apache. LiteSpeed is more than 50% faster in PHP content delivery than Apache (even with with mod_php) when it comes to dynamic content.

LiteSpeed Recommendation


CooliceHost strongly recommends LiteSpeed web server for high-volume, high-traffic web sites with a huge amount of visitors, as well as for those of you, who want to maximize their web server's efficiency and performance. LiteSpeed is more cost efficient solution than adding hardware when it comes to speeding up your web server.

LiteSpeed Speed Solutions

Why Do You Need Speed?

You don't have to be a SEO guru to understand why your web site speed is important for your ranking in search engines. The easier the search engines' bots craw your web site, the better rank you will get in search results. What's more, you will not annoy your visitors and they will stay on your web site.

10 Times Faster Than Apache

LiteSpeed web servers are the only high-performance Apache alternative server, offering many benefits, including:

Increased scalability

Allows 3rd party control panels

Support for PHP4, PHP5, PHP7

Small memory footprint

24/7/365 monitoring

50% faster PHP performance

Easy installation & PHP setup

Apache interchangeable

Up to 10x faster than Apache

More About LiteSpeed Web Server

LiteSpeed PHP BenchmarkLiteSpeed Web Server (LSWS) is a drop-in replacement of Apache with high-performing results. As we have already mentioned, it's on fourth place among the most popular web servers on the Internet and at the same time it is number one commercial web server. By updating your recent web server to LSWS, you will achieve great performance and decrease the operational costs, and these are just some of the benefits.

Apache compatible solution

LiteSpeed Web Server is 100% compatible with the main Apache features like .htaccess, mod_rewrite, mod_security. If you want to replace the Apache configuration files directly, you will be happy to understand that it can be done through your hosting control panel within less than 15 minutes and no downtime at all. It is really unique and very different from most frontend proxy-based solutions. LiteSpeed Web Server works by replacing all the Apache functions - easy and with no trouble at all.

Increasing your web server stability and performance

LiteSpeed Keep Alive TestThanks to its well-structured and smart architecture, LSWS allows you to serve thousands of clients on your web server without overloading your CPU usage and memory consumption. LiteSpeed Web Server helps you optimize the code that serves your content (static or/and dynamic). You will also achieve greater performance for your PHP, users, traffic and DDoS protections. The best part is that you don't need to add additional software to your virtual machine. LiteSpeed will do it all for you.

Increasing web server security

LiteSpeed Web Server helps you improve your web server security. It has anti-DDoS features (connection and bandwidth throttling) and it's mod_security compatible. LiteSpeed Technologies Inc. is strongly dedicated to bring nothing but the best features when it comes to security. Updates are being made regularly and usually released after new attacks are being detected and analyzed (SSL BEAST attacks for example). LiteSpeed Web Server can run on Atomic Secured Linux and Atomicorp's Realtime ModSecurity Rules.

Reducing support and hardware costs

LiteSpeed's license (supported by cPanel) is a much cheaper and smarter alternative to adding additional hardware and installing it to your virtual machine. CooliceHost is dedicated to provide its clients with the latest and fastest technologies on reasonable prices. LiteSpeed Web Server will make your processes run better and smooth. Or if we put it other way LSWS reduces your long-term support and hardware costs by minimazing your hosting control panel, interface and tech support issues (overloading and system errors).

Increasing profits and saving time

Reducing you support and hardware expences and achieving greater performance and efficiency will definitely lead to higher net profits. If you are a web site owner you should necessarily ask yourself these questions: How much more can I earn if web site is 2-3 times faster? Will my visitors have a better expirience if my web site is faster? The responsible businessman should not ignore these issues.

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