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Affordable PricesGet advanced tech solutions for your money. Put your trust in our 10 years experience in the hosting industry.

Why Are Our Prices So Attractive?

It is important for us to keep our hosting services on a reasonable prices and still providing high quality. Our secret is in the well-customized plans. There is no doubt that after starting working with us, you won't look for other alternatives simply because we respond to all your needs.

We remain competitive also when considering our technical resources

According to the market prices and resources, CooliceHost is one of the hosting companies offering high quality and reliable services on reasonable prices. For every VPS Hybrid plan we provide the optimum resources - Space, CPU, RAM, Bandwidth, Domains Hosted, Databases, cPanel, DDoS Protection, LiteSpeed and administration. Unlike most cheap VPS plans with only basic resources and no administration, CooliceHost is the best value for money solution.

We have perfectly organized our processes in order to be quick problem solvers and to minimise any bad experience for our clients. This is a well working cost-reducing appproach when supporting and integrating new technologies. Rather than spending large amounts of money on advertising and marketing strategies, we prefer improving our customers experience, investing in hardware and software and relying on word-of-mouth and repeat advertisement.

We remain competitive also when considering our technical resources

As a client-oriented company CooliceHost has an attractive and valuable tradition - we regularly give as bonuses additional resources like: increasing space, CPU, RAM, other resources, giving free consultations and many more. When our clients are happy we know that we are on the right track. We believe in you doing business and that's why our strategy is giving more and performing better. When your business is growing, you can count on our help and little tips.


To summerise, is offering you highly efficient operations and reliable services you can trust in. With all the positive client reviews, reasonable prices, well-integrated technologies and customer commitment, our hosting company could be your experienced partner. Having you as our next customer is a great compliment for us and the perfect motivation to keep up the good work. We not only sell hosting, but add value to your business and make you feel good with your choice.

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