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Geo IP Locations - Reach Your Local Market

Nginx hosting in different countries: United Kingdom, Germany, France, Netherlands,
Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, The USA and Canada

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Every single Internet Protocol (IP) address is an identifier that allows information to flow across the internet. Your IP address is yours exclusively and this is the virtual home of your company. Some hosting providers charge you additionally for it. We offer it for free. You can choose from 6 different locations in Europe and thus CooliceHost assists you in stepping on attractive markets. In addition, we provide Geo IP locations in USA and Canada.

Please check the following options. We provide you only with best IP locations in Europe and South America. The resources we used in our statistics below: Wikipedia, Telecompaper, Ecommercenews,


Why Choose Different IP Geo Locations?

Having a local IP address makes it easier for you to reach a better position for your company on the national market. No matter if you have a small web site or a large corporate one, no matter if your target is the UK, German, or French market, it is always better to get local.

Nginx Web Hosting with Varnish Cache in Europe

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France IP Locations

Why France?

France is one of the most important economic centers in Europe. Right after UK, the country has 54,473,474 users per day. France is Europe’s 3rd largest market (after Germany and UK). This e-commerce market is growing 14% every year.

Why United Kingdom?

UK is one of the most dynamic and solvent internet markets world wide, with more than 54 861 245 users online. Around 87.0% of the users are active. It's a great place for setting up your future online business as the traffic is high-converting.

UK IP Locations
Italy IP Locations

Why Italy?

The Italian online market is two times smaller than the German one – 35,531,527 online users. However, it has also reached an average annual growth rate of 20% since 2019. The users prefer paying with PayPal and credit cards.

Why Germany?

Germany is the largest online market in Europe with its 68,296,919 online users and €50 billion cumulated online revenue for 2017. 34% of the German customers use credit cards (MasterCard, VISA or American Express). The other part of the buyers – 66% use PayPal, ELV, GiroPay, Sofort Überweisung, RatePay and cash on delivery.

Germany IP Locations
Netherlands IP Locations

Why the Netherlands?

No matter the Netherlands is a smaller market, it's still solvent and well-structured. It's on 5th place world wide with its 15,559,488 online users and 93% penetration. The consumers use iDeal, PayPal, MasterCard, VISA and online payment method developed by the Dutch banking community. More than 11 million Dutches have bought a product online at least once.

Why Spain?

Spain is a leading e-commerce country in Southern Europe. If you check the statistics on online sales per country, Spain is the obvious champion. No matter that smaller than Italy with its 33 870 948 users, Spain has much more buyers. Spanish internet users spend an average of almost 2 hours per day online every day.

Spain IP Locations
Bulgaria IP Locations

Why Bulgaria?

Bulgaria is a country in Southeast Europe with one of the fastest internet connections worldwide. There are approximately 4.91 million internet users (4.30 million of them are social media users) on this local market and the country claims to be one of the IT hubs in Europe. It's a small market, but it shows some great potential these last few years.

Nginx Web Hosting with Varnish Cache in USA and Canada

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Why Canada??

34% of the Canadians online have an annual household income of $100,000 or more, which makes Canada an attractive web market. Canadians rank first in terms of "average quantity of monthly pages viewed per visitor" – 3,731 and "average monthly visits per visitor" – 101.

Canada IP Locations
United States of America IP Locations

Why United States of America?

The population of USA is about 333,675,410 in the end of 2020 and 87% of them are active internet users. This makes the USA the biggest online market globally. The experts forecast that in the next years half of the dollars spent in US retail will be influenced by the web.