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Have you ever wondered what NGINX hosting actually stands for? In this article we will tell you more about this type of hosting. Originally, the software was created by Igor Sysoev and introduced in 2004. Seven years later, a company with an identical name was founded to provide support.

The NGINX software is basically free and open source programming, discharged under the terms of a Berkeley Software Distribution-like permit, also known as BSD. A substantial division of web servers use NGINX, frequently as one load balancer.


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NGINX is a perfect solution in case your projects and websites need an extra boost. As CooliceHost is a team of professionals, we do not just use and support the NGINX technology, but we setup it in a way that provides you with additional speed. In addition, you will be hosted on our high-performing SwiftServer platform and you will benefit from our servers, featuring up to 20 times faster page loading, compared to other NGINX hosting providers.

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Lamentably pure NGINX hosting is not upheld by many hosting suppliers because it doesn't work very smoothly with DirectAdmin and DirectAdmin is one of the most common websites’ control panels. Still, NGINX as free and open web software, along with Apache, is serving over half of the Internet traffic. NGINX ranks as the second most used after Apache with its 24% market share. Its popularity grows with about 3 percent each year.

NGINX has become very popular since its discharge, thanks to its light-weight asset usage and its capacity to scale easy on negligible equipment. NGINX exceeds expectations at serving static substance rapidly and is intended to pass dynamic demands off to other programming that is more qualified for those reasons. NGINX is frequently used by administrators for its asset effectiveness and responsiveness under load.

In addition, the NGINX hosting with its latest improvements is now better when an error occurs in the scaling process of the website. Once the basic problems have been identified, NGINX was built up to use an asynchronous, driven by events connection handling algorithm and doing it all without blocking.

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Association Handling Architecture

The original idea of NGINX is to create the fastest web server

NGINX produces special forms, and each of them can manage numerous connections. In fact, it can handle 10,000 HTTP connections simultaneously. This effectiveness is being achieved by creating a quick circling component that is consistently checking for and processing events. Decoupling real work from associations enables every administrator to worry about an event just when another occasion has been activated.

Each of the associations took care of by the specialist are set inside the occasion circle where they exist with different connections. Inside the loop, events are not prepared in synchrone, enabling work to be taken care of in a non-blocking way. At the point when the association closes, it is expelled from the circle.

This style of event preparing enables Nginx to scale unfathomably far with constrained assets. Since the server is single-strung and processes are not been brought forth to deal with each new association, the memory bank and CPU use tends to remain generally reliable, even in cases of heavy loading.

Better Performance With Nginx

Some of the great features Nginx includes:

Reverse proxy with caching

Reverse proxy with caching

Handling of static and index files, auto-indexing

Handling of static and index files, auto-indexing

FastCGI support with caching

FastCGI support with caching



Load balancing

Load balancing



Static and Dynamic content

NGINX is a fantastic server, as files are being served to the client directly and quickly

Speed is a major plus of the NGINX hosting. This software is 2.5 times faster compared to Apache, according to a benchmark test in which the hosting had to operate with 1,000 concurrent connections. Another test, in which NGINX runs 512 competitive links, proves it to be twice as fast and uses 4% less memory for their management.

Pure NGiNX hosting does not have any capacity to process dynamic content locally. In order to deal with PHP and different solicitations for dynamic substance, it must go to an outer processor for execution and sit tight for the rendered substance to be sent back. The outcomes would be relayed to the users. This implies correspondence between NGINX and the processor through one of the protocols the software recognizes (http, FastCGI, SCGI, uWSGI, memcache, etc.).

However, according to two different studies ( and that compare the performance of Apache to NGIXN’s in the dynamic content serving, the results are similar.

In addition, NGINX does a single directory search and file read for each request. What is more, it stays very well in terms of security. The administrator always keeps up the control over the entire server, as conveying catalog level setup might mean a security breech risk, if individual clients are left to do it alone. NGINX hosting was created to be a web and a proxy server simultaneously. Due to the different design requirements, it mainly works with URIs, interpreting the filesystem when needed.

NGiNX hosting was made to be both a web and a proxy server. Because of the design required for the both parts, it works principally with URIs, interpreting the filesystem when essential.

As modules are not progressively loadable in the NGINX software, they should be chosen and accumulated into the central programming. For some users, this makes pure NGINX hosting a difficult choice – especially for those who are not keen on keeping up their own assembled programming out of the conventional packaging system. Usually, the hosting providers’ plans include the common modules, but if you choose a customized module, you should be able to operate the server by yourself. CooliceHost, as a client-oriented hosting provider, have made all the necessary setups to assure the smooth operating of the NGINX technology.

NGiNX modules are still extremely valuable however, and they enable you to manage what you need out of your server by just including the usefulness you mean to utilize. A few users additionally should consider this as more secure, as subjective segments can't be guided into the server. Be that as it may, if you have your server ever set in a place where this is conceivable, it is likely traded off as of now.

Pure NGiNX hosting is encountering expanded help as more users embrace it for its execution profile, yet regardless it makes them get up to speed to do in some general regions. On the off chance that what you are searching for is a definitive superior webstack - NGiNX is a kick-ass decision. However, you need to ensure that you pick a host that FULLY underpins this type of software.

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