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The term "DDoS attack" stands for distributed denial-of-service attack and it means that someone is trying to make your machine or network resource unavailable to the users. This type of attacks can harm your business and bring you unwanted consequences such as slow web site loading, bad or no server availability. In the last few years we've noticed a serious increase in DDoS attacks and that was the main reason why we have integrated the most liable hosting service protection.

Smart choice for small, medium and large companies

DDoS attacks are a serious problem and fighting them is not an easy task, but another security challenge. Companies and organizations lose billions of dollars every single year because of them and the rising trend will continue.


Why Should I Need a DDoS Protection?

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks corrupt a network by attacking nodes present in the network thus blocking incoming traffic to websites and risking the loss of confidential data. These attacks can shut down a website thus affecting the business directly.

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How DDoS Protection Works

Smart choice for small, medium and large companies

DDoS attacks are a serious problem and fighting them is not an easy task, but another security challenge. Companies and organizations lose billions of dollars every single year because of them and the rising trend will continue.

This method it mostly used by hackers and bot networks and it aims to harm your web server, where your web site is hosted, causing you downtime. And when your business is not operating, you lose visitors, clients and money.

The number of DDoS attacks is constantly rising and DDoS protection for your servers is now required

CooliceHost provides you with an advanced DDoS protection (500 Gbps), included in all hosting plans (SSD shared hosting, Cloud Hybrid and VPS SSD). This guarantees that you, your customers and users won't notice any DDoS attacks, targeting your ICMP and UDP protocols, SYN/ACK, DNS amplification, as well as Layer 7 attacks.

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You will not notice a slow down on your web site after getting our hosting service, even if you're under attack. With LiteSpeed and our DDoS protection you will reach the maximum speed of your web site. Showing your visitors speed and reliable service, you are already one step ahead of your competitors. When your business is growing you need not only a hosting provider, but reliable and experienced partner. So, we are here for you 24/7!

What are the costs of DDoS attacks?

Being aware of the value of downtime and the blocked network traffic that will affect a website is essential in order to understand the costs of DDoS attacks. Understanding the level of damage that a DDoS will do to your website will help you with planning, as well as picking the most suitable DDoS protection for your needs. The traffic blockage will not only result in monetary losses, but it will cost the business things such as:

Customer experience is crucial when it comes to online business. If you want your customers to purchase anything from you, you have to offer them a decent user experience. The bad user experience results in the customer going to another website for the same product or service you offer. We don’t want this to happen, do we? In order to ensure that your customers stay loyal to you in spite of the countless other alternative businesses, you must make sure that you have taken care of the DDoS attacks before they even happen.

Building and maintaining a good reputation is essential for every business, but one attack on one customer could ruin everything. For instance, we all know CloudFare their network was under attack of 400 GB per second of traffic. The target of the attack was a single customer, but the overall damage done to CloudFare’s network was enormous. Customers’ trust is easy to be lost, but it is especially challenging to gain back. The brand reputation would be seriously affected if their website was a victim of DDoS attacks because of how fast this news spread.

DDoS attacks always result in losses in terms of assets, data, and several other resources. The recovery from such an attack might include rebuilding, purchase, repair of equipment, and repairs to the damaged network. In terms of hardware, you would have to install items such as computers, routers, etc. After paying for all of the damage done by the attack, you would wish it didn’t happen.

Identifying and repairing the attack node is more important than anything else after the attack has happened. Here occur a lot of overhead expenses such as equipment, labor, and some other resources.

Ease of carrying out DDoS attacks

Through the years, we are witnessing a significant increase in cyber-attacks. There are several different ways of executing such attacks:

If an application has a vulnerability, hackers are going to find it. They do it not only to make their work more effortless but also to save some computing power. When they discover a weak point, a payload is released, and the vulnerability is now an advantage for the hacker.

Malware is a software system that hackers use to obtain data. Examples of malware are Trojans, keyloggers, spyware, and viruses. Once injected into a network’s prime node, the malware could turn into a tool for planning different types of DDoS attacks.

Apple store and Google play store are the most famous and authoritative places you can download mobile applications. Keep in mind that this does not necessarily mean that the applications are safe to use, though. Before the user starts using the actual application, he must give the permissions it requires. These permissions sometimes may lead to the software gaining access to confidential data stored on the device. This data alone could lead to doing things that the user would never do without actually knowing.

Hypothetically, if a hacker gains access to your unprotected devices such as a laptop or a cellphone, they would have an easy way of attacking you without putting in a lot of effort.

Accessing a network with malware inside will result in an attack over the user’s system and a further attack spread-out.

Protection from DDoS attacks

As we mentioned above, carrying out a network attack is not that hard. It is crucial for an online business to benefit from a DDoS mitigation service, especially from intelligent, managed, and all-reaching types. That way, all of their online assets are safe. The proper strategy, as well as a pinch of proactivity, will help you prevent those attacks. Here is what we mean by that:

The first step in preventing DDoS attacks from happening in the IT security policy. Network analysis, identification of the attacked nodes, and network adaptation. Execute the actions we mentioned to cut the attacked node off the network to stop the attack from spreading further. Do this so as not to influence the operation of the network.

It is crucial to stay up to date with all of the newest types of DDoS attacks because it will help you prepare your network to handle them. For instance, in 2012, 60 GBps were pointed at six US banks, including PNC Bank and Bank of America. They had set up defenses for several kinds of DDoS attacks, but the continuous attacks and the latest techniques were too powerful.

Getting in touch with experts will be your best friend in terms of DDoS protection. These people not only offer help but also guidance for DDoS protection, support, and mitigation services. There is nothing more helpful than firsthand experience and extensive knowledge in handling websites and networks. AppTrana offers precisely that and won’t let you down when it comes to mitigation and prevention services.

DDoS protected hosting is one of the best solutions when in comes to helping you protect your online business from such attacks and suffering no interruptions and financial losses. This service is often included in the hosting providers’ plans, but you should have in mind that few can really stop an intense and massive attack. So, before you choose a hosting provider, make sure to have done your research and have checked what exactly are you paying for.

In a Nutshell

DDoS attacks are crucial when it comes to online business. DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service. It works by attacking the nodes in a particular network. When it begins, the traffic to websites stops while also putting confidential data at risk of being lost. It is essential for businesses that have their websites to make sure they have taken the appropriate actions so as to prevent DDoS attacks from being executed. There are two types of hackers. The first hack into the databases of businesses and use the customers’ data to benefit from it. The second type of hackers corrupts the network of the website in order to blackmail companies so as to rectify the attack, also known as cyber-extortion. The thing that drives hackers to do this seems to be their desire to lead a better life not by working legally but by benefiting from other peoples’ success.

It is not of any matter whether you are a large or a small business. The only thing that matters is not becoming a victim of DDoS attacks. To protect yourself from DDoS attacks, you need to make a DDoS protection plan. Taking the help of experts and investing in their managed service will be one of the best decisions you can make in this situation. After all, what do you prefer, having DDoS protection or dealing with the consequences of not having one?

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