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DDos Protection Protect your business from DDos attacks. Secured and comprehensive DDoS solution for your hosting.

DDoS Protection - Deal with All Types of DDoS Attacks

The term "DDoS attack" stands for distributed denial-of-service attack and it means that someone is trying to make your machine or network resource unavailable to the users. This type of attacks can harm your business and bring you unwanted consequences such as slow web site loading, bad or no server availability. In the last few years we've noticed a serious increase in DDoS attacks and that was the main reason why we have integrated the most liable hosting service protection.

Smart choice for small, medium and large companies

DDoS ProtectionDDoS attacks are a serious problem and fighting them is not an easy task, but another security challenge. Companies and organizations lose billions of dollars every single year because of them and the rising trend will continue.

This method it mostly used by hackers and bot networks and it aims to harm your web server, where your web site is hosted, causing you downtime. And when your business is not operating, you lose visitors, clients and money.

The number of DDoS attacks is constantly rising and DDoS protection for your servers is now required.

CooliceHost provides you with an advanced DDoS protection (500 Gbps), included in all hosting plans (SSD shared hosting, VPS Hybrid and VPS SSD). This guarantees that you, your customers and users won't notice any DDoS attacks, targeting your ICMP and UDP protocols, SYN/ACK, DNS amplification, as well as Layer 7 attacks.

26GBt DDoS Protection

Think one step ahead

You will not notice a slow down on your web site after getting our hosting service, even if you're under attack. With LiteSpeed and our DDoS protection you will reach the maximum speed of your web site. Showing your visitors speed and reliable service, you are already one step ahead of your competitors. When your business is growing you need not only a hosting provider, but reliable and experienced partner. So, we are here for you 24/7!

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