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Privacy Policy When using any of our Services and Products you consent to the collection, transfer, storage, disclosure, and use of your information as described in this Privacy Policy.

CooliceHost LLC operates in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data.

Reason for collecting, processing and storing your personal data

I . (1) CooliceHost LLC collects and processes your personal data in connection with the provision of hosting services, domain registration, the use of virtual and leased servers and the conclusion of contracts with the company pursuant to Art. 6, para. 1, Regulation (EC) 2016/679, and in particular on the basis of the following:

  • Explicitly obtained your consent as a customer
  • Execution of the obligations of CooliceHost LLC under contract with you
  • Compliance with a legal obligation that applies to CooliceHost LLC
  • For the purpose of the legitimate interest of CooliceHost LLC.

(2) CooliceHost LLC is the administrator of personal data regarding your data as a user of our services. Based on the personal data you process using our services, CooliceHost LLC acts as a personal data processor.

Goals and principles of collecting, processing and storing your personal data

II. (1) CooliceHost LLC collects and processes the personal data you provide to us in connection with the use of our hosting services and for the conclusion of a contract with the company as well as for subscribing to our events, including for the following purposes:

  • creating an account and providing full functionality in providing our services
  • individualisation of a party to the contract
  • registration of a participant in an event organized by CooliceHost LLC
  • accounting purposes
  • statistical purposes
  • protection of information security
  • securing the execution of the contract for the provision of the respective service
  • sending information messages, service change announcements, recommendations to improve the use of the platform, new and upgraded subscription plans, and more...
  • improving and personalizing the service by offering renewal offers, events and other products and services that may be of interest to you
  • provision of technical support via ticketing system or call center

(2) CooliceHost LLC complies with the following principles when processing your personal data:

  • lawfulness, good faith and transparency
  • limitation of the purpose of processing
  • relevance to processing goals and minimization of data collection
  • accuracy and timeliness of the data
  • restriction of storage in order to achieve the objectives
  • integrity and confidentiality of processing, and ensuring an adequate level of security of personal data.

(3) When processing and storing personal data, CooliceHost LLC may process and store personal data to protect its legitimate interests:

  • fulfilling its obligations to the Internal Revenue Service , Law Enforcment and other state and municipal authorities.

What kind of personal data collects, processes and stores CooliceHost LLC?

III. (1) CooliceHost LLC performs the following personal data operations for the following purposes:

  • Registration of a user on the website and execution of a contract for the provision of hosting services, registration of a domain, virtual or hired server, etc. - the purpose of this operation is to create an account that is associated with the service you use and manage the content of the service through the administrative panel you create, according to the user plan you selected.
  • Registration of a user for purposes of registering a domain.
  • Conclusion and execution of a commercial transaction with a client or a partner - the purpose of this operation is to conclude and execute a contract with a trading partner or client and its administration
  • Sending Information Messages - The purpose of this activity is to administer the process of sending messages to customers that relate to improvements or changes in services, overcharged parameters, and expiring services under the Service Agreement.
  • Sending newsletter (newsletter) - The purpose of this operation is to administer the process of sending newsletters to clients who have declared they wish to receive

(2) CooliceHost LLC processes the following categories of personal data and information for the following purposes and on the following grounds:

  • Data: Your individualized data (name and surname, e-mail, country, phone)
  • Purpose for which data is collected: 1) User registration 2) Making a contact with the user and sending information to him, including when asked to send newsletters and advertising messages
  • Reason for processing your personal information - By accepting the general terms and conditions and registering on the website and purchasing a service, a contractual relationship is created between CooliceHost LLC and you, on which basis we process your personal data - art. 6, para. 1, b. (b) GDPR.
  • Additional data provided by you - If you want to add your profile, you can fill in the contact details and the contact email.
  • Goal for which data is collected: Adding user information to his / her user account.
  • Reasons for processing the data: By accepting the terms and conditions and registering on the website and purchasing a service, a contractual relationship is created between CooliceHost LLC and you, on which basis we process your personal data - art. 6, para. 1, b. (b) GDPR.
  • Other data that CooliceHost LLC processes - When you enter our website or your account, CooliceHost LLC collects data about the IP address used.
  • Purpose for which data is collected: Improving service security and interface localization, statistical and marketing research.
  • Grounds for data processing: Processing is necessary to fulfill a contract to which the data subject is a party - Art. 6, para. 1, b. (b) of the GDPR. Until the creation of a user profile, the IP address is collected on the basis of the legitimate interests of the controller - Art. 6, para. 1, b. (f) by GDPR
  • Your Personal Invoice Data - If you would like an invoice to be issued to you as an individual, you should provide your personal identification number.
  • Purpose for which data is collected: Issuing an invoice for making payments under a contract for the provision of services.
  • >Reason for processing your personal information - By accepting the general terms and conditions of the website or upon entering into a written agreement, a contractual relationship is created between CooliceHost LLC and you, on which basis we process your personal data - art. 6, para. 1, b. (b) GDPR.

(3) CooliceHost LLC does not collect or process personal data relating to the following:

    reveal racial or ethnic origin
  • reveal political, religious or philosophical beliefs, or membership of trade unions
  • genetic and biometric data, health data, or data on sexual life or sexual orientation.

(4) Personal datahas been collected by CooliceHost LLC from the persons to whom it relates.

(5) CooliceHost LLC utilizes MaxMind and FraudRecord to screen new orders for previous misbehavior or fraudulent activity, and to report existing customers who violate our Terms of Service. No matter of the result of screening all orders are subject to additional manual review.

(6) In case of a violation, determined as such solely at our discretion, you may be reported to MaxMind and/or FraudRecord for misbehavior.

Term of storage of your personal data

IV. (1) CooliceHost LLC stores your personal data for a period no longer than the existence of your account in our website. Upon expiry of this period, CooliceHost LLC takes the necessary care to erase and destroy all your data without undue delay.

(2) CooliceHost LLC notifies you in the event that the retention period of the data needs to be extended in order to meet the objectives, performance of the contract, to the legitimate interests of CooliceHost LLC or otherwise.

(3) CooliceHost LLC stores the personal data that it is required to keep under the applicable law for the applicable term, which may exceed the duration of your registration.

Transmitting your personal data for processing

V. (1) CooliceHost LLC may, at its own discretion, transmit all or part of your personal data to processor personal data for the fulfillment of the processing objectives in compliance with the requirements of Regulation (EC) 2016/679.

(2) Depending of product or service you choose from CooliceHost LLC some or all of the data that we collect from you may be stored in the USA, Canada or EEA (European Economic Area), but it may be processed by staff operating outside the US, Canada and EEA who work for us or one of our partners. Such staff may process your data while providing support and fulfilling orders for your services. By using our services, you acknowledge that your data may be processed outside of the EEA.

Your rights in the collection, processing and storage of your personal data

Withdrawal of consent to process your personal information

VI. (1) If you do not wish all or any of your personal data to continue to be processed by CooliceHost LLC for any or all processing purposes, you may at any time withdraw your consent to processing by filling in the form in your account or by request in free text.

(2) CooliceHost LLC may request you to certify your identity and identity with the data subject.

(3) Withdrawal of consent to the processing of personal data that is required to create and maintain your service use registration, your account will become inactive.

Right of access

VII. (1) You have the right to request and obtain from CooliceHost LLC a confirmation that personal data relating to you is being processed.

(2) You have the right to access the data related to it, as well as information relating to the collection, processing and storage of your personal data.

(3) CooliceHost LLC provides you with a copy of your personal data processed in your application in electronic or other appropriate form.

(4) Providing access to the data is free of charge, but CooliceHost LLC reserves the right to impose an administrative fee in the event of recurrence or disproportionate claims.

Right of correction or completion

VIII. You may correct or fill in inaccurate or incomplete personal data relating to you directly through your website account or by requesting to CooliceHost LLC.

Right to delete ("to be forgotten")

IX. (1) You have the right to request from CooliceHost LLC the deletion of your personal data, and CooliceHost LLC has the obligation to delete them without undue delay when any of the following reasons exist:

  • personal data are no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were collected or otherwise processed
  • You withdraw your consent on which the processing of the data is based and there is no other legal basis for the processing
  • You object to the processing of your related personal data, including for the purposes of direct marketing, and there are no legitimate grounds for the processing that will take precedence
  • personal data has been tampered with
  • personal data must be deleted to comply with a legal obligation under EU law or the law of a Member State that applies to CooliceHost LLC
  • personal data have been collected in connection with the provision of information society services.

(2) CooliceHost LLC is not obliged to delete personal data if it keeps and processes it:

  • for the exercise of the right to freedom of expression and the right to information
  • to comply with a legal obligation that requires treatment provided for under EU law or the law of the Member State that applies to the Administrator or for the performance of a task of public interest or the exercise of official authority conferred on him
  • for reasons of public interest in the field of public health
  • for purposes of archiving in the public interest, for scientific or historical research or for statistical purposes
  • for the establishment, exercise or protection of legal claims.

(3) In order to exercise your right of "forgotten", you should submit a request through the option in your account or a written request sent to CooliceHost LLC as well as to certify your identity and identity with the person to whom the data refer before CooliceHost LLC by presenting your ID for identification purposes on the spot and entering your login details to a person in charge of CooliceHost LLC if applicable.

(4) CooliceHost LLC does not erase the data that it has a legal obligation to store, including for protection against claims brought against it or proof of its rights.

Right of limitation

X. You may request from CooliceHost LLC to restrict the processing of related data when:

  • contest the accuracy of personal data for a period that allows CooliceHost LLC to verify the accuracy of personal data
  • processing is illegal, but you do not want your personal data to be erased, but only to limit their use
  • CooliceHost LLC does not need more personal data for processing purposes, but you require them to identify, exercise or protect your legal claims
  • You have objected to the treatment pending verification that the legal grounds of CooliceHost LLC have an advantage over your interests

Right of portability

XI. (1) You may at any time download the data that is stored and processed for you in connection with the use of CooliceHost LLC services directly through your account or by email request.

(2) You may request CooliceHost LLC to directly transfer your personal data to an administrator you provide when it is technically feasible.

Right to receive information

XII. You may request from CooliceHost LLC to inform you of all recipients to whom personal data for which correction, deletion, or limitation of the processing has been requested has been disclosed. CooliceHost LLC may refuse to provide this information if this would be impracticable or requires disproportionate effort.

Right of objection

XIII. You may object at any time to the processing of personal data from CooliceHost LLC that apply to you, including whether processed for profiling or direct marketing purposes.

Your rights to violate the security of your personal information

XIV. (1) If CooliceHost LLC identifies a breach of security of your personal information that may pose a high risk to your rights and freedoms, we shall notify you without undue delay of the violation and of the measures taken or to be taken taken.

(2) CooliceHost LLC is not required to notify you if:

  • has taken appropriate technical and organizational protection measures with respect to the data affected by the security breach
  • has subsequently taken measures to ensure that the violation will not lead to a high risk for your rights
  • notification would require disproportionate efforts
  • Individuals to whom your personal information is provided

XV. To perform a domain registration and upon request, CooliceHost LLC will transmit the necessary information to the respective domain registrar that processes your data as an administrator for the purpose of registering the requested domain.

XVI. You may exercise all of your rights to protect your personal data through the forms enclosed with this information. Of course, these forms are not mandatory and you can make your claims in any form that contains a statement about it and identifies you as the data holder.

XVII. If the consent relates to a transfer, the Administrator shall describe the possible risks for the transfer of data to third parties in the absence of a decision on adequate protection and appropriate remedies.

XVIII. (1). When assigning CooliceHost LLC to process personal data to a third party for the purpose of using the service, CooliceHost LLC acts as a personal data processor.

(2). In the cases under para. 1, CooliceHost LLC acts solely on your instruction as the user of the service and only as long as it may have control over the personal data you are processing. CooliceHost LLC has no control over the content and data that you, as the user of the service, choose to upload to the service (including whether or not this data includes personal data). In this case, CooliceHost LLC has no role in deciding whether the user is using the privacy service, for what purposes and whether they are protected. Accordingly, the responsibility of CooliceHost LLC in this case is limited to 1) compliance with the service user's instructions under the contract and terms and conditions, and 2) the provision of service and functionality information through its interface.

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